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HPLC Shimadzu LC 20;
MS Applied Biosystems
3200 QTRAP
room: R-213
tel.: +4822 8220211, ext.413

Equipment Supervisors:

Dr hab. Tomasz Gierczak
room: R-416
tel.: +4822 8220211, ext.416

Dr Wioleta Maruszak
Instytut Farmaceutyczny
ul. Rydygiera 8, 01-793 Warszawa
tel.: +4822 4563893

Equipment Operators:

Dr Magdalena Biesaga
room: 256 (WCh ul.Pastuera 1)
tel.: +4822 8220211, ext.516

mgr Elżbieta Stolarczyk
Instytut Farmaceutyczny
ul. Rydygiera 8, 01-793 Warszawa
tel.: +4822 4563893

Equipment description:
High resolution liquid chromatograph linked to the hybrid tandem three quadrople mass spectrometer is equipped with electro spray ionization, ESI, and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization, APCI, sources. The third quadrupole is a linear ion trap, LIT. Qtrap 3200, also equipped with collision induced dissociation cell, CID, features the MSn mode. The modular HPLC consists of: gradient pump, mixer, five channel vacuum degasser, autosampler with cooling, thermostat for column and UV/VIS detector.

HPLC-MS/MS is a perfect tool for a qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic compounds, including high-molecular weight and  strongly polar compounds, in complicated matrixes. We offer: (i) identification of unknown organic compounds and (ii) quantitative analysis of different organic compounds in complicated matrixes. The analyses of the samples supplied by a customer, or a complex solution to the analytical problems are both possible.  The solution of the analytical problems includes sample handling and enrichment procedure, and a separation method development.

  • Investigation on structure of organic compounds.
  • Identification and trace analysis of pollutants in drugs.
  • Trace analysis of organic pollutants in complicated matrixes, for instance trace analysis of organic pollutants in the environment.
  • Drug profiling after stability and stress investigation.
  • Analytical method validation according of EMEA and FDA.