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Single Crystal Diffractometer

Bruker Kappa APEX II Ultra
room: R-207
tel.: +4822 8220211, ext.425

Equipment Supervisors:

Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Woźniak

Dr Paulina Dominiak
room: R-209
tel.: +4822 8220211, ext.419, 212

Equipment Operators:

Dr Paulina Dominiak

mgr Sławomir Domagała

mgr Anna Makal

Equipment description:
Kappa APEX II Ultra single crystal x-ray diffractometer from Bruker AXS is equipped with the molibdenium rotating anode (Mo TXS), the monocapillary collimator, the 4-circle kappa goniometer and the very sensitive APEX II CCD detector. Low temperature devices (Oxford 700 series Cryostream and Oxford Diffraction Helijet) permit measurements at wide range of temperature (from 10K to 400K). The OLYMPUS SZX10 stereo microscope is provided. Access to the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) and Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD) are also available.

Single crystal structure determination is the analytical technique which can provide complete and unambiguous information about internal structure (atoms type and their spatial arrangement). We offer single crystal structure determination of organic or inorganic materials on crystals supplied by the costumer. The service includes crystal selection, data collection, structure solution and refinement, and structure elucidation. We provide short crystallographic reports, full data tables and electronic .hkl and .cif files.

  • Three-dimensional structure determination of molecules
  • Relative or absolute (the presence of at least second-row atoms is required) configuration of molecules
  • Atom coordinates for molecular modeling
  • Determination of crystal packing
  • Comparison of structures in case of polymorphism
  • Analyses of intra-/intermolecular contacts in crystals
  • Crystal phase transition investigations
  • Experimental electron density determination from sub-atomic resolution data
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